Pushy II

What's this all about then?   2011-09-19 21:28:54

So why did I rewrite an old RISC OS puzzle game, anyway?

My re-implementation uses C++ and SDL, because I like them both a lot. I did this partly out of nostalgia, partly because I wanted (in my own small way) to revive the game and bring it to a wider audience, and partly because I wanted to start a project which I could realistically finish in my limited spare time. The challenge of reverse engineering the original data files also held some appeal, but as it turned out, I didn't need to do very much of that, primarily due to the fact that the level editor for the original is written in BBC BASIC and actually has comments.

As it stands, there is no sound, no level editor, and no support for loading the Pushy I levels. These things may come in time. :)



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